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ZEN-GAME Was Awarded MEIZU Flyme’s “the Best Partner in 2018”

2018-12-05 10:36:07 Zengame Technology Holding Limited Read

MEIZU, one of the best mobile phone manufacturers and member of Mobile Hardcore Alliance (M.H.A) has issued heavyweight awards. ZEN-GAME was awarded “Best Partner in 2018” once again. MEIZU expressed its appreciation to the cooperative partners and clients for their support of Flyme and honored them with the award.  ZEN-GAME’s winning for the second time reinforces MEIZU’s highly held view of ZEN-GAME’s ability and its game products.


Flyme system was acclaimed as “where the soul of products resides” by MEIZU. The awards carry a great deal of meaning in the game industry. They acknowledge the winner’s strength in the mobile phone arena. Winning two years in a row demonstrates that ZEN-GAME continues to progress in creative development and detailed management. ZEN-GAME’s values which include “user demand is the core and user value is the focus” serve its users well. “Cooperating closely to obtain win-win” is the attitude ZEN-GAME lives by to benefit its partners.

ZEN-GAME’s award for two straight years shows MEIZU’s continued recognition of ZEN-GAME’s accomplishments in 2018. In fact, ZEN-GAME and MEIZU have  always had close cooperation. The best game, Fight the Landlord Everyday (Real Players Version) is the example. In the future, ZEN-GAME will continue working with MEIZU to achieve win-win situations and develop more high-quality games to satisfy mobile games players. 


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