Zengame Technology Holding Limited


公司照片.pngZengame Technology Holding Limited (Zengame) is an estabilished mobile game developer and operator in PRC with sepecial focus on card and board and other casual mobile games.

Our headquarters are located in Shenzhen. The Company was founded in July of 2010 by Mr. LiQing Zeng, a well-known internet angel investor, and a group of specialists with over 10 years’ experience in game R&D, operation and promotion.

Company Culture



Build a world class platform that provides social and casul games



Focus on players’ demands, always look to generate excitement and surprise

Corporate Values

user demand is the core, user value is the focus.


To be an upright person, an upright company and an upright business


based on cooperative enthusiasm and values to trust each other, to appreciate each other and to understand each other.


to create unique product experiences for the players is the best way to fulfil our mission.


to share our creative achievements and joy with our players, to share our success with partners, companies and society.

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